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Bruce Dickinson & Mr Bean – I Want to be elected

Bruce Dickinson & Mr Bean – I Want to be elected


George Michael- Freeek

George Michael- Freeek

The KLF – Justified and Ancient

“CROCODILE ROCK” ~ Elton John ~ Muppet Show

video –“CROCODILE ROCK” ~ Elton John ~ Muppet Show

The Bare Necesseties Megamix

UK Mixmasters The Bare Necesseties Megamix

I Eat Cannibals – Toto Coelo

I Eat Cannibals – Toto Coelo

The TimeLords-Doctorin` the Tardis

The TimeLords-Doctorin`-the Tardis

tight fit – the lion sleeps tonight

tight fit – the lion sleeps tonight

Eartha Kitt – Cha Cha Heals

 Eartha Kitt РCha Cha Heals

Kershaw,Bruno Brookes,Sam Fox,Frank Bruno Come Outside

 Kershaw,Bruno Brookes,Sam Fox,Frank Bruno Come Outside